Landmarks will ensure that it considers the environmental impacts of its operations and service delivery and that it continually works towards improving its environmental performance and promoting environmental protection.

In order to minimise pollution, reduce waste, reduce the consumption of natural resources, and promote recycling and / or re-use;

Landmarks will:

  • Meet and where practicable exceed, the requirements and obligations of environmental legislation, and those standards and guidelines to which Landmarks subscribes.
  • Prevent or reduce, as far as reasonably practicable, pollution and waste as a result of our own activities.
  • Work in partnership with Clients and subcontractors to deliver environmental improvements and improvement measures at the outset of all new contracts.
  • Actively encourage the use of mulching on all Client sites.
  • Set and review realistic environmental improvement targets in our operations and service delivery.
  • Train and inform our employees and subcontractors in respect of Landmarks environmental policies and objectives and in individual responsibilities for environmental management.
  • Introduce procedures, where relevant, to manage, waste and energy consumption and promote environmental protection across all areas of our activities and resulting from the actions of contractors and suppliers.
  • Review this policy every year.

This Policy is approved by the Landmarks Managing Director and is used as a framework for setting and reviewing our environmental objectives and targets.