Landmarks Sustainability operates a Quality Policy dedicated to ensuring that its service fulfils the obligations and commitments set on service providers by regulatory standards and other interested parties, to the highest standard of performance and reliability.

Landmarks recognise the importance to its future of the pursuit of quality throughout the organisation. This commitment to quality is based on the principle that the effective and consistent implementation of operational systems, which reflect both customer and business requirements, will result in the continuous satisfaction of customers and employees.

It is the policy of the Company to continually improve the Company’s activities by planning, setting and implementation of specified and measurable quality objectives by the Management Team and the regular review of the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System (Quality & Environmental) via the Management Review process.

The Quality Policy involves all employees, who must fully understand the principles and objectives involved. Practical assistance and training will be provided whenever necessary to ensure that the appropriate knowledge and experience is acquired for the successful implementation of required actions.

This Policy is reviewed annually.