Definition of Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is recognised internationally and by the UK Government as having four main components, namely:

  • social progress which recognises the needs of everyone;
  • effective protection of the environment;
  • prudent use of natural resources;
  • maintenance of high and stable levels of economic growth and employment.

This definition underpins the Landmarks mission to build confidence and trust with clients by ensuring all our work is rooted in three fundamental principles:

  • Close communication with our clients
  • Value for money in the services we supply to clients
  • Ethical and Environmental standards in all our dealings



Landmarks’ sustainable development policy is integrated with other Landmarks processes and is compliant with legislation and regulations.

The Policy is based upon the following principles:

  • continual improvement, through setting objectives and targets, continuous monitoring and review;
  • complying with, and where appropriate exceeding, applicable legal and other requirements relevant to our operations;
  • prudent use of natural resources and the prevention of pollution;
  • communicating Landmarks commitment to sustainable development across the company and beyond.


Sustainable Development Team

The Landmarks Integrated Management System (IMS - Quality & Environment) Team is responsible for the development and implementation of Landmarks’ quality and environmental management policies and system. The IMS Management Team remit is specified in Landmarks IMS Overview, and includes:

  • Development of Landmarks’ Environmental policy.
  • Monitoring the development of Landmarks’ IMS and receiving periodic progress reports from operational areas.
  • Reviewing priorities for action and recommending a phased programme for the further development of environmentally sound practice.
  • The identification of objectives and targets.
  • Advising the Landmarks Management board on the allocation of resources associated with Landmarks’ IMS.
  • Ensuring the dissemination of information and promotion of sustainable practice amongst employees, clients and suppliers through presentation, participation and by other means.
  • Encouraging liaison with staff, customers and external bodies, including the local community, on matters of environmental significance.


Implementing the Policy

The sustainable development policy is supported and implemented through a series of dynamic and specifically focussed company strategies, currently including:

  • Environment Friendly Practices
  • Ethical Trading
  • Communications & Training
  • Procurement
  • Utilities, including energy
  • Waste Management

Each will have a set of objectives, targets, responsibilities, and monitoring and review arrangements which will be published on the Landmarks IMS.